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The Walking Dead Walkthrough Episode 1 - A New Day - Part 6

Check out part 7 and beat Episode 1: "The Intruder" of The Walking Dead with this online demo of the third-person adventure.


Kenny: Well, this is as far as we're going.

Lee: Then it's far enough.

Duck: Look!

Kenny: Hey there! You friendly? Truck's run out of gas. Fuck!

Katjaa: We're trapped!

Duck: No! No!

Glenn: Run!

Lilly: We can't take risks like this.

Carley: And we can't just let people die either.

Lilly: When I say the door stays shut, no matter what, I fucking mean it! We don't know who these people are. They could be dangerous.

Larry: Worse, they could have led them right to us.

Carley: Where the hell is your humanity? They would've died out there.

Lee: We have kids with us.

Larry: I see one little girl.

Lee: What is it?

Clementine: I have to pee.

Glenn: I'd go out there again in a second.

Lee: In a minute, Clem

Glenn: They've got kids, Lilly.

Lilly: Those things outside don't care.

Kenny: Maybe you should go join them then. You'll have something in common.

Larry: Goddammit, Lilly. You have to control these people.

Lilly: Carly and Clive just ran out there.

Larry: I don't give a flying fuck. We're in a war zone.

Lee: She's an asshole, that's for sure.

Lilly: That's what it takes.

Lee: Well, you don't have to be a bitch about it.

Larry: Holy shit. Son of a bitch. One of them is bitten.

Lee: He wasn't bitten.

Larry: Hell he wasn't. We have to end this now.

Kenny: Over my dead body.

Larry: We'll dig one hole.

Katjaa: No. I'm cleaning him up. There's no bite. He's fine.

Larry: Don't you fucking people get it? We've already seen this happen. We let someone with a bite stay and we all end up bitten.

Kenny: Shut up.

Larry: We've got to throw him out. Or smash his head in.

Katjaa: Kenny, stop him!

Kenny: Lee, what do we do about this guy?

Lilly: Dad, it's just a boy. It's-

Larry: Lilly, I'll handle it.

Lee: We reason with him.

Kenny: With the bloody end of an axe handle, maybe. Nobody threatens my boy.

Carley: Everybody chill the fuck out!

Lilly: Nobody's doing anything.

Larry: Shut up, Lilly. And you, shut the fuck up. They will find us and they will get in here, and none of this will fucking matter. But right now, we're about to be trapped in here with one of those things.

Kenny: What the hell are you talking about?

Larry: He's bitten. That's how you turn.

Katjaa: He's not bitten. Lee, stop this. It's upsetting him.

Larry: Oh, I'm upsetting him. Upsetting is getting eaten alive.

Lee: What if this was your daughter?

Larry: Never would have happened. She's not some snot-nosed toddler, okay? She's United States Air Force.

Kenny: Fuck you and her. I'm going to kill him, Kat. Just worry about Duck.

Clementine: Lee.

Lee: Yeah?

Clementine: There's someone in there.

Lee: It's just locked. Key's behind the counter. Probably.

Larry: Hey, I'm not the bad guy here. I'm just looking out for my daughter.

Kenny: No, you're just the guy arguing for killing a kid.

Larry: He's covered in muck. She'll find the bite. Watch.

Kenny: She won't.

Larry: And if she does? The first thing he'll do is sink his teeth into his mom's face. Then when she's dead, he'll probably pounce on your little girl.

Lee: He's a little boy. I think we can handle him.

Larry: A little boy? He'll be an uncontrollable man eater.

Kenny: It's not going to happen.

Larry: It is. And we're tossing him out now.

Lee: Knock this guy out.

Kenny: Happily.

Lilly: Jesus!

Larry: Jesus!

Lee: Clementine! Get away from her, you son of a bitch! God, get off! Man.

Carley: You okay?

Lee: Just great, thanks.

Glenn: Guys?

Lilly: Everybody down. Stay quiet.

Larry: They're going to get in.

Kenny: Shut up.

Lee: Is that the military?

Lilly: I don't know.

Glenn: Thank God for whatever it is.

Larry: We almost died because of this bitch and her itchy trigger finger. That was stupid. That was . . .

Lilly: Dad!

Lee: What's wrong with him?

Lilly: It's his heart.

Larry: My pills.

Katjaa: Mm-mm. Nitroglycerin pills?

Lilly: Yes, we're out. We've been trying to get into the pharmacy since we got here. Please try to get in there. Behind the counter, where the pills are.

Lee: There's probably another entrance. Maybe through the office.

Carley: How do you know that's an office?

Lee: Educated guess.

Lilly: It doesn't matter. We need nitroglycerin pills. Please get in there. I'll keep an eye on my dad.

Kenny: Everyone else should get comfy and look for anything useful. We could be in here a while.

Glenn: I'm starting to think this drugstore isn't a permanent solution.

Kenny: You're right. This ain't exactly Fort Knox.

Lee: What do you suggest?

Glenn: We need as much gas as possible so we can all get out of downtown Macon. Fast.

Lee: Agreed.

Glenn: Then I'll head out and get gas. There's a motel not too far from here, up towards the end of Peachtree. I'll work my way towards it and then loop back, siphoning what I can.

Lee: You're insane.

Glenn: Well, it's got to get done. Plus I'm quick and I know Macon.

Lee: Local?

Glenn: Born and raised.

Lee: If you're going to do that, here's a walkie-talkie if you get in a tight spot. Hopefully you won't need it.

Glenn: Cool.

Lee: Clementine's got the other one. Check in with her and get back here as soon as you can.

Kenny: And you, what's your name?

Lilly: It's Lilly. My dad's Larry.

Kenny: Keep a good eye on him. These boys will work on getting you your medicine.

Lee: That's right.

Kenny: And you, you keep an eye on that front door. You're our look-out.

Doug: It's Doug. You got it.

Carley: And I'm Carley.

Kenny: Okay, Carley, you'll shift in with Doug when he needs it. For now, get some rest. You're a good shot and I'd like to keep it that way.

Carley: You got it, boss.

Kenny: Now get him those pills.

Lee: It's not damaged. I'm glad this place didn't get looted.

How's he doing?

Lilly: I'm not sure I got your name.

Lee: It's Lee.

Lilly: Lilly. My dad's Larry. I was just doing what I had to earlier.

Lee: Everyone was.

Lilly: You didn't have to call me a bitch in front of my people. I don't need that shit, all right? It's hard enough to be in charge of people's lives without some dick cutting you down. And that violence before, with my dad? That didn't help.

Lee: What's wrong with him?

Lilly: He's got a heart condition. He takes nitroglycerin tablets pretty regularly. I've seen a few bad attacks that he couldn't get over and needed to go to the hospital.

Lee: Yeah, that's not really an option right now.

Lilly: I'm just trying to keep him relaxed.

Lee: He's got a temper.

Larry: Fuck you.

Lilly: Yeah, he doesn't mean it.

Lee: It's just that . . .

Lilly: Yeah?

Lee: Never mind. I'm sure he's a good guy.

Lilly: He is. He just has his issues.

Lilly: Where's her mom?

Lee: Savannah, I think.

Lilly: Oh. You guys aren't together.

Lee: Oh no, I'm not her dad. I found her in a house when getting out of Atlanta. She'd been surviving by herself. I think the girl's parents didn't make it.

Lilly: Oh.

Lee: I heard an answering message. They were in Savannah. She was home with a sitter. It wasn't good.

Lilly: Well, she's lucky to have you.

Lee: What do you think about all this?

Lilly: What is there to think? The dead are up, walking around, eating people, and turning them into more of them. I mean, Jesus.

Lee: We need to stick together and get through this. You're from here?

Lilly: I work at Warner Robbins. The Air Force base.

Lee: Yeah, I know it. Pilot.

Lilly: No. Just mechanical admin stuff. I deal with a bunch of shitheads and bureaucrats all day. Sometimes a plane, if I'm lucky. You?

Lee: I work up at UGA. Was anyone here when you guys got here?

Lilly: No, this place was pretty wrecked. We pulled a couple of bodies out of the office. Are you okay?

Lee: Yeah. I'm fine.

Lilly: Did you know anybody here?

Lee: Yeah. The owners, they were . . . we were close.

Lilly: I'm sorry. We found an older couple in the office. Dad hauled them out in case they weren't really dead. I'm going to get back to him now.

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