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The Walking Dead Walkthrough Episode 1 - A New Day - Part 9

Check out part 10 and beat Episode 1: "The Intruder" of The Walking Dead with this online demo of the third-person adventure.


Lee: It's a combination lock.

Doug: Hey man, what are you doing? We can't even think about going out there unless the keys are out there, for sure!

Lee: Look at the one trapped over there...

Doug: Better him than us, huh?

Lee: Oh shit...

Doug: What? Do you know that guy?

Lee: Kind of. He has a familiar face.

Doug: Ah, you're from around here, huh? Could be anybody, you know? They start rotting and get all chewed up and ...

Lee: Shut up, Doug. Look at the uniform, though. He could've worked at the drugstore and died with keys in his pocket.

Doug: It would take a lot of effort to make it safe enough to go out there and see if he has the keys. If we could somehow prove that he worked here, I think it'd be worth it.

Lee: I'll see what I can find. That place is full of TV's and electronics. Think you can do anything with this?

Doug: You know what I could do?

Lee: What's that?

Doug: It's universal. I could program it to work with those TV's across the street. Let's just hope the power is still on.

Lee: You can just do that?

Doug: Well, I memorized all the codes when I was in AV. Let's try.

Lee: Well fucking done, Doug. All that dork nonsense might save a life.

Doug: Who's to say it already hasn't? That got a few of them to take notice.

Lee: But not enough. Did you guys try to get in there and get weapons?

Doug: I did, but it was too risky. Then a bunch of guy showed up and they tried.

Lee: And what happened?

Doug: I think they're most of who you see wandering around out there.

Lee: Those TV's are on and I'm sure they're making a lot of noise behind that glass. Man, that's a hasty fortification job over there.

Doug: Yeah, it didn't work.

Lee: That guy over there has the keys.

Doug: How can you be sure?

Lee: I found this in the office. That boy in the photo worked here. The keys being on him is as good a bet as we can make.

Doug: Yeah, I agree. We just need to figure out how to get out there and get them. You wouldn't need long, right?

Lee: Nah, just a few seconds.

Doug: Maybe there's a way to distract them and buy you some time.

Lee: I can't reach that brick. I can't reach that brick. Open sesame.

Doug: That won't work.

Lee: I was kidding.

Doug: It's universal, but not that universal.

Lee: I know, Doug. Doug, you want to get this door open?

Doug: About that...

Lee: You've got the combo, right?

Doug: No.

Lee: Did anyone ever have it?

Doug: Look, man. There were a lot of those things trying to get in here.

Lee: And now we can't get back out onto the street.

Doug: We're also party to some egregious fire code violations.

Lee: I can't reach that brick. Let's head back inside.

Doug: Okay.

Lee: How we doing?

Doug: Good, want to go have a look around outside?

Lee: Not now.

Doug: All right.

Lee: No "I'm sorry to hear your loved one was eaten by the living dead," cards.

Katjaa: We can't let anything happen to Ducky.

Kenny: I know, hon.

Lee: It's all melted now.

Kenny: Hey Lee, maybe punching him wasn't such a good idea.

Lee: There were worse plans.

Kenny: Says the guy who didn't get punched in the mouth. Anyway, we, Kat and I, appreciate your support.

Katjaa: Thank you, Lee.

Lee: How's Duck doing?

Katjaa: He's okay. It was just the shock.

Kenny: We're lucky as hell nobody go nabbed on the way in here.

Lee: No kidding.

Katjaa: How is she doing?

Lee: She's good, I think.

Kenny: She's a tough one, right there.

Katjaa: She's just a little girl, Ken.

Kenny: What were you saying, Lee, she spent days surviving on her own?

Lee: That's right.

Kenny: Not just any little girl can do that.

Lee: Are you guys all right?

Kenny: We're just fine, considering.

Lee: How 'bout you, Duck?

Katjaa: We've all been through a lot.

Lee: What't the plan?

Kenny: Hang tight, I suppose. Seems pretty dangerous out there, so we ought to wait for things to clear up.

Katjaa: You said your family was from here in Macon?

Lee: That's right.

Katjaa: Where are they? Should we go looking for them?

Lee: They're gone.

Katjaa: Oh my goodness, do you think? How?

Lee: I just know, all right?

Kenny: Kat, it's not our business. Lee, you got a second?

Lee: Sure.

Kenny: Back on Hershel's farm...

Lee: Yeah?

Kenny: We didn't even try to savee him. That blood is on our hands, you know?

Lee: It happened pretty fast.

Kenny: I guess, but I can't stop seeing him in my head.

Lee: We can't kill ourselves over it.

Kenny: We killed that boy. We could've saved him together.

Lee: We did what we could. Bad things happen. We didn't make a choice that killed Shawn. You think you do, when you look back on it but in a moment, when things are really out of control, you don't have any choice.

Kenny: I guess.

Lee: Try to let it go.

Katjaa: We just need to get back to Fort Lauderdale.

Kenny: We'll do our damnedest.

Lee: This battery should fit the radio.

Carly: Great. Thanks.

Lee: Hey Carly, you ready to head out?

Carly: You got it. You?

Lee: Yeah.

Carly: Let's go.

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