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The Walking Dead Walkthrough Episode 1 - A New Day - Part 11

Check out part 12 and beat Episode 1: "The Intruder" of The Walking Dead with this online demo of the third-person adventure.


Lee: I'll wait for him to get closer.

Glenn: Lee, get him! Nice!

Lee: Thanks for having my back.

Glenn: For sure. Dude, where did your weapon go?

Lee: Into that ice-pick-sized hole.

Glenn: Ha ha. Holy shit. It's cool. Now we've got this.

Carley: Are you two done?

Lee: Two more.

Glenn: That should help.

Lee: Why don't you guys lag behind, just in case this goes to hell?

Carley: Okay. We'll be right behind you.

Glenn: Rad.

Lee: Hello in there. We're here to help.

Girl: Please just go away!

Carley: Let's go, guys.

Lee: In a minute. If you open up, we can take you somewhere safer. We've got a group in town.

Girl: No! No! No! Please no!

Glenn: She's in trouble!

Girl: No!

Lee: Miss! We're coming in!

Glenn: You might want to break through that board first.

Girl: Stop! Just stop! I'm coming out.

Lee: You're hurt.

Carley: Oh, God.

Girl: I said stay away.

Glenn: We need to get you help.

Girl: It's too late for that.

Carley: Guys, she's been bitten.

Glenn: What?

Carley: I told you. I said go away. I'm bit. But you wouldn't just leave.

Lee: Let's calm down. You could be fine.

Girl: I won't be fine. My boyfriend was bitten. You get sick and you die, and you come back, and you kill anything you can find.

Glenn: You have a boyfriend?

Carley: Glenn.

Girl: I don't want that. It's not Christian. Please, just leave me. Please go.

Lee: Come with us, and we'll find you some help.

Girl: You have a gun.

Carley: So?

Girl: Can I borrow it?

Carley: What do you mean "borrow"?

Girl: Give it to me. I can just, you know, end this, and then... then there's no problem.

Lee: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Girl: Please! I don't want to be one of them. They're... they're satanic.

Lee: We can't let you do that to yourself.

Girl: Then do it for me!

Carley: We need to get going.

Girl: Give it to me, please!

Glenn: This is crazy!

Carley: Please, step back.

Girl: It's just two seconds, just one bullet, and I can be with my family, and it'll all be fine.

Lee: Miss.

Carley: Back up!

Girl: Please!

Lee: Whoa, take it easy. We just want to help.

Girl: You can't.

Lee: Miss, just relax now. You need to think this through. We'll find you a doctor. It'll be okay. Let's all just... No! No!

Carley: Let's get out of here.

Lee: Shit!

Glenn: Here they come! Get in!

Kenny: Everyone all right?

Lee: Yeah. We had some close calls, but Glenn is fine, and well... Yeah, we're okay.

Glenn: I've got a few cans of gas for your pickup in the trunk of my car.

Kenny: Good to hear it.

Carley: And things back here?

Kenny: Quiet. Our friend is still in and out over there. He won't survive anymore stress.

Lee: The next order of business is getting those pills out of the pharmacy.
How are you doing, Glenn?

Glenn: You know.

Lee: Do you know the combination for the lock on the gate outside?

Glenn: Why?

Lee: Oh, you know. I thought I'd go stretch my legs.

Glenn: You're probably better off breaking it if you have to.

Lee: Back at the Motor Inn.

Glenn: How can it be that bad so fast?

Lee: You know, when things are taken away, people do crazy shit.

Glenn: I guess, but that's not me. I'm not giving up, not for anything.

Lee: Good, man. Good.

Glenn: I guess she really wanted that gun.

Lee: Seems like.

Glenn: Why didn't you tell Carley to just give it to her?

Lee: Would you have given it to her?

Glenn: No way.

Lee: Then you know why. What's your next move?

Glenn: I don't know. I mean, you guys seem okay.

Lee: What about your family?

Glenn: Yeah. I... I...

Lee: Forget it, man. That's your business.

Glenn: I hate feeling like I can't do anything.

Lee: I know the feeling, man. Try to get some rest.

Glenn: Ha. Yeah, right.

Lee: "Central High Takes State." The paper's a week old. Feels like years. Hey there. Story of the century here, huh?

Carley: Yeah, and I've got shit for recording equipment, and from the looks of it, there isn't going to be any shortage of first-hand accounts.

Lee: You do radio?

Carley: That's right. Well, until some piece of shit politicians yank our funding, and I hit the blogosphere.

Lee: I better get back to it.

Carley: Yep.

Lee: Thanks, by the way.

Carley: Don't mention it. Just remember what I said.

Lee: Yes, I will.

Kenny: Try to get some rest, hon.

Katjaa: How can I with those things out there?

Lee: I don't remember them very well.

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