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The Walking Dead Walkthrough Episode 1 - A New Day - Part 12

Check out part 13 and beat Episode 1: "The Intruder" of The Walking Dead with this online demo of the third-person adventure.


Lee: The keys are on that zombie out on the street. You don't talk too much. That's not a bad thing. How's your finger?

Clementine: It's okay. Thanks for fixing it.

Lee: I'm going to keep looking around.

Clementine: Okay.

Lee: How are we doing?

Doug: Good. Want to go have a look around outside?

Lee: Let's have a look around.

Doug: Okay.

Lee: I can't reach that brick. Those things like TV.

Doug: Or at least the sound of it. If they were louder, we might be able to clear the street.

Lee: How'd you end up here?

Doug: I moved here to live with my uncle. He does tech stuff, and it just made sense.

Lee: So you're local. You probably knew the owners of this place.

Doug: No, not really. I've only been here a couple months, and I spend a lot of time...

Lee: On the computer?

Doug: No. Just doing my own thing. What about you?

Lee: I knew some folks here. Seemed like as good a place as any.

Doug: Oh, friends, family? They around?

Lee: Family, but it doesn't seem like it. Those TV's are on, and I'm sure they're making a lot of noise behind that glass. A few seconds of searching, and we'll know if he has the keys.

Doug: Awesome! Now to distract those things, carefully.

Lee: I can't reach that brick. Now's the time.

Doug: Be careful.

Lee: Keep an eye out, will you? Hey bud. I don't know what happened to mom and dad, but I know if you were there, you would've died for them. So yes, I'm going to assume that's what happened.

Doug: Did you find them yet?

Lee: Give me a second. I got to do this now, man. I got to do this. Ugh! God! There we go.

Doug: Holy Crap! Run! Man, that was close.

Lee: But we did it. That's all that matters. I've got the keys.

Lilly: Great! God, you're amazing! Let's get in there. Oh, no.

Lee: Ah, shit.

Lilly: We got to hurry!

Carley: Duck. Come on, baby. Time to go.

Kenny: I'm going to get the truck pulled up around back!

Woman two: Do it fast! I've got to get my dad out of here!

Kenny: I don't plan on dilly dallying! Honey, take duck into the office, and barricade the living hell out of the door behind me. Glenn, when you hear me honking in the alley, start getting people out of here.

Glenn: You got it.

Kenny: Doug, Carley and Lee, you guys make sure our defenses stay up until then. And Lee, I better take that axe, in case I run into any of them on the way to my truck.

Lee: Here you go.

Kenny: Guys, that door's not locked anymore! Shit! You three, get on it! I'll get back as fast as I can!

Lee: Stay away from the windows!

Carley: Glenn, we need your help! Please hurry!

Doug: Hey Lee, if we don't make it through this, you should know that I think you're a great guy.

Lee: Gee, thanks, Doug!

Carley: Doug, if we don't make it through this, you should know...

Doug: I should know what?

Carley: Huh?

Doug: You said I should know...

Carley: Shit! On it.

Doug: Are you sure?

Lee: What? Oh, shit!

Carley: Whoo!

Lee: Okay, then. Clementine! Can you look for something to stick in between the handles? Something real strong, okay?!

Clementine: Okay!

Lee: Clementine, did you find anything?

Clementine: Nothing! Oh wait!

Doug: That window is screwed!

Lee: Go!

Clementine: I found something!

Doug: Ah! Get off!

Carley: Shit! I'm out! I'm out! Lee! Help! Ammo! In my purse!

Doug: Ah, no! Get them off me! Ahh! Help me! Ahh!

Carley: Oh my God!

Kenny: Let's go!

Carley: They got Doug. They, they...

Kenny: It doesn't matter. You've got to move!

Larry: You're not coming with us, you son of a bitch!

Clementine: No!

Kenny: I'm not letting somebody else get eaten today. Especially a good friend.

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