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Use Liquid Protein Shots to Build Muscle in Bodybuilding

Learn how to use liquid protein shots to build muscle from DreamBodies' Tony DiCostanzo in this Howcast bodybuilding diet video.


Liquid protein shots are an excellent resource to get extra protein into your system, and yet not have to worry about that bloated feeling that comes from maybe having to wolf down another chicken breast or maybe even a protein powder which can sometimes be a little bit too heavy in your stomach. Protein shots are usually small shots of liquid protein. They're usually sugar free, sweetened with a sugar alternative. But they come in almost like juice fashion. You can find them in fruit punch and so on and so forth.

They're excellent, high quality sources of protein that you can utilize throughout the day, before workouts, after workouts, in between meals, afternoon snacks, even at night sometimes to get some added protein into your system without having to worry about having the time it takes to have another meal or even whip up another shake. Because they come that useable, that quick, and that easy in these little portable shots.

I like to tell my clients to almost think about these little shots like they were walking around with a protein intravenous bag with them and they're literally drip-feeding themselves this protein throughout the day. Because that's kind of the mindset that someone who's looking to put on serious muscle wants to cultivate in their heart and mind, that they need to be feeding their body constant protein. Not a lot of protein. We're not talking about high quantities of protein, but constant feedings of protein.

In fact, a few major universities recently did a study where they literally gave people protein feedings almost every 15, 20 minutes throughout the day. Not large amounts, but constant feedings. The group that did that literally gained lean muscle tissue and lost more fat than the group that did not but still took protein.

So, constant feedings of protein are great, and these protein shots are an incredible way to accomplish that without having to worry about feeling bloated, and they're quick and convenient as well.

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