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What to Take before a Bodybuilding Workout

Find out what to take before a weightlifting workout to help build muscle from DreamBodies' Tony DiCostanzo in this Howcast bodybuilding video.


Most people don't realize, they go into the gym, and sometimes their goal is just to work out as long and as hard as they possible could, and in most cases you're doing more damage than good if your goal is to put on lean muscle tissue. So what you put in your system prior to that workout is going to make all the difference in the world, and that's why it's good to make sure you've given yourself some quick, fast acting nutrients that your body's going to use during the workout. That's going to one- not only make your body more anabolic to put on muscle tissue, but also as well it's going to protect the muscle tissue while you work out. I would say I like to call it a wash, one thing I would say this is is a shake, this is a drink. You do not want to be eating at least one hour, an hour and a half before you exercise. You want the blood in your body to be working towards your muscles and body parts that you're trying to change and alter and restructure and redefine rather than working towards your digestion in your stomach. So you want to make sure this is a drink, this is a shake, and I would say have it anywhere from thirty minutes to thirty-five minutes before you work out. Even back a little bit further than that is fine; forty-five minutes is okay. But, it only takes a liquid about thirty, thirty-five minutes to digest. In that drink, you want to add something possibly to give you a little bit of extra jolt or energy, a little bit of a stimulant, if possible maybe some green tea extract, there's a world, a wealth of benefits from taking green tea extract, but one of them is that it will give you some extra energy. If not green tea extract, which also has naturally occuring caffeine, you can get the caffeine free, you might want to go with straight caffeine. If you don't have adverse reactions to caffeine, caffeine is one of the most proven tried-and-true supplements period to back up its effectiveness for a host of things- not only just fat loss and stimulation, but even muscle contraction and endurance and so on. So the next thing you want to have in your pre-workout drink or cocktail is you want to have some protein. You don't need a whole lot of protein, you want it to be fast-acting, easily digestible protein- preferably egg or whey protein powder. Anywhere from fifteen to twenty grams is enough. Aside from your protein powder the next thing you might want to do is add in some free-form, or just some concentrate of amino acids. This is going to saturate the muscle tissue, prevent muscle degradation and help to keep the muscle cells anabolic. And I would recommend throwing in some branch chain amino acids, some BCAA's (a few grams in powder form work out great), and then a fast acting simple carbohydrate supplementation powder, you can even use grape juice or a high-glycemic carbohydrate juice. And mix that all together, shake it up, drink it down thirty, thirty-five minutes before you workout, and your body will be primed, prepped, and ready to do some serious damage, which is give you bigger output in your workout- more strength, more energy. More energy you have, the more weight you're going to be able to lift; the more weight you're going to lift, the more muscle you're going to be able to make.

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