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10 Tips about What to Eat after a Workout for Bodybuilding

Find out what to eat after a weightlifting workout to help build muscle from DreamBodies' Tony DiCostanzo in this Howcast bodybuilding diet video.


Assuming that you've worked out, assuming that you've put into practice
that nutrient timing factor and used that window and had some kind of a
post workout shake, which is extremely important. Now, let's fast forward
the time a little bit. Maybe it's an hour, hour and a half after the
workout. Maybe even a little less than that.

Your body is still recovering. Your body hasn't said, 'well, I'm either
gonna make muscle or I'm not anymore." It's not over yet. Your body's still
in a phase of recovery. You now continue to need to feed your body what it
needs and you can do that by feeding your body healthy forms of proteins
and carbs. Complex carbohydrates are best, at that point.

Something that's gonna be fast acting but also a little bit slower than the
digestive rate, as far as the carbs. Even the protein. Lean sources of
protein work well. Chicken. Turkey. Fish. Something that is fast and easy.
Maybe even a packet of tuna fish mixed with some brown rice or maybe even
some tuna fish mixed in with some sweet potatoes.

Something that's gonna give your body what it needs and something that's
not gonna take you forever to put together provided that it might be one of
those meals that you might be on the run with. Every one of these things,
you can also get supplementally by the way. There's even a carbohydrate
powder that's made specifically from sweet potatoes.

If that's a problem and if that's an obstacle, it doesn't need to be an
obstacle. Just make sure you're giving your body what it needs about an
hour, hour and a half after the workout. Preferably food over
supplemementation but make sure that you are getting that.

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