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Pros & Cons of Sports Drinks for Bodybuilding

Learn about the pros and cons of sports drinks to build muscle from DreamBodies' Tony DiCostanzo in this Howcast bodybuilding diet video.


You see the commercial. The athlete's on the sidelines, or the athlete just completed a, you know, major competition. The next thing you know, they're ripping open the bottle of some famous sports drink, and they're chugging it down. They make you feel as though that's extremely important, like, you know, that drink is going to make or break your recovery and make or break or, you know, what you just did or what you just accomplished. That's not necessarily the case.

The most important thing to understand about any drink or the body in particular, is that the body needs to be hydrated, and you need to rehydrate your body. Sports drinks can offer the benefit of adding electrolytes and so on that your body may have lost throughout through the workout or whatever the activity may have been, but keeping in mind that in many cases, a lot of these sports drinks are nothing more than just glorified fruit punch with a little bit of added potassium and some other electrolytes, other electrolytes so it's important, and sodium and so on.

So it's important to understand that while these drinks can help you replenish electrolytes, the most important thing is to rehydrate yourself after a workout. Get hydrated. And you should be doing that with good old water, first and foremost, while you're working out. But again, a sports drink is going to help you. I would say don't use a sports drink like you would a protein shake or meal replacement or anything like that, because more often than not, with regard to some of their chemicals, not the chemicals but the ingredients in these sports drinks, they're nothing more than just really glorified sugar water with some vitamins and mineral in it.

So if you're going to utilize these sports drinks post-workout in more of a sense of recovery, you might want to add in some protein powder or something like that to give it the substance it's going to need. And then it will benefit you a lot more in the long run.

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