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6 Most Important Supplements to Stack for Bodybuilding

Find out the six most important supplements to stack from DreamBodies' Tony DiCostanzo in this Howcast bodybuilding diet video.


When people approach me, clients approach me, and I get approached in the gym all the time. What are the most important supplements? You know, what should I be taking? I think there's very few supplements that are really going to have a serious anabolic effect on the body, in the sense that these are must have supplements. In other words, you know, your body's not going to grow without them. Honestly, most supplements out there, muscle growth doesn't happen in a vacuum. Muscle growth happens because your body, and your internal environment, is ripe for growth. It's recovering. It's been given the proper overload. The muscles have been damaged to the point where it's going to grow, to recover, become bigger and stronger. Much like blowing up a big balloon. Or stretching a rubber band. And so and so forth. It's going to come back bigger.

And most of these supplements are in any, or any one given area of the body, or of the endocrine system, or the hormonal system. And that in and of itself doesn't make it necessary. What's necessary are some of the basic supplements that we know work. That would be a very good, high quality protein powder. A good, high quality, fast acting carbohydrate powder. Hydrosemic carbohydrate powder. Branch chain amino acids. Creatine. And then quite possibly glutamate. The only other supplement that you may want to throw into the mix if you're not, you don't have any adverse reactions to caffeine, is pure caffeine capsules.

But having those four to five supplements as your staple of your body building program, just those alone. If you're training properly, and with the right intensity, and hard enough, you're going to see gains.

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