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How to Create a Bodybuilding Diet with Tony DiCostanzo

Learn about Tony DiCostanzo, founder of DreamBodies Body and Life Transformation System and one of Howcast's bodybuilding experts, in this video.


Hi, I am Tony DiCostanzo, and I am founder and CEO of Dream Bodies Body
Transformation Systems. That's We have been in
business servicing and recreating and transforming bodies for over the
past 15 years now. We're located and based here in New York but we also
work worldwide with clients all over the world, nationally and internationally.

My passion for changing bodies and recreating bodies really started when
I was a young boy. I began weightlifting and bodybuilding when I was
old enough to walk, my dad had boxing gloves and dumbbells in my hand,
and after that it was just a matter of living out my passion. And I
love to see people recreate that not just their bodies but the way in
which that recreates and changes their minds, their lives, their
relationships around them, the quality of their lives. And so that's where
our love and our passion flows from in training bodies.

If you visit our website at, you're going to click on a few of
the links, the success stories, the online training page in particular
and you'll see bodies transformed like you may have never seen before.
All these pictures are untouched and people contact us and it's
interesting when they contact us because they want, they'll literally
give a name of someone they may have seen on our website and they say, you know, "How did you get so and so look like this and can you make me look like so and so on your website?" It's not just about transforming your body, but it's also
about transforming your mind, so we'll ask them this question, "What do
you want to look like if there were no, you know, no holds barred and you could look
like anybody in the world that you want to look like, who do you want to
look like?"

Quite often they'll go on our website and they'll find our clients who may not necessarily be quote unquote famous, but they love what they did to their bodies and that's always very flattering for us and then they'll ask us, "Well, how do I have to do that?" And that's where Dream Bodies comes in and does it, we think and we believe, better and we know better than anybody else has ever done before.

And that is cutting edge nutritional approach. There's a way in which you can arm yourself today and you couldn't do that 20, 30 years ago. Today you can do that
by taking the right supplements and timing those supplements. We teach
our clients exactly what to take, when to take it and how to get the
most out of it, so that they can get the body that they want in the
quickest amount of time.

Yes, it's going to take hard work. It's going to take discipline, but if you know some of these secrets, if you know some of these tricks, if you know how to utilize supplements and nutrients and food stuffs and, so on, properly, you're going to cut that time drastically.

We set the program around your goals, not ours. And so whatever your goal may be, we're going to help you reach that goal. So we're always coaching. We're always transforming and changing the program to meet the needs of the client. Part of the important thing of any program is to really understand the necessary components of the good solid nutritional approach, and that's what your going to learn from some of these upcoming videos, you know. What's going to work? What doesn't work? What's a waste of money? What's not? Where could you be better spending some of your money? And if you put into place some of these key
principles, you're going to get some fast gains quickly in building your
muscle tissue.

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