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How to Remove Old Bike Tire & Tube

Learn how to replace an old bike tire from Silk Road Cycles' Brendon Nicholas in this Howcast bicycle repair and maintenance video, part two of three.


First, you want to let out all of the air in the tube by either unscrewing this little valve here, which is called a presta valve. This is a French valve. You have to unscrew this top to make sure that the air can come out. Or there is also another valve called a schrader valve, and that is one that most people are familiar with on car wheels or car tires. That is an American valve, this is a French valve.

Once you have all of the air out of the tube you take a tire lever, which looks like this, and you are going to go away from the valve to the other side and stick it in the one side. Sometimes you need two tire levers to get enough leverage. This tire is pretty easy to get off so we are just using one. So you just put it at a 90 degree angle, push it along and you will see one side of the tire just comes right off.

Once you have that one side off you can now pull out the tube and sometimes there is a little screw on the valve to hold it in. Now the tube is out and the tire can be really, really easy to take off; basically just pull the other side right off.

If you have a tire that is still okay, it just has a hole in it and the hole is not substantial, if you are going to work or something like that and you need to patch it really quickly, one easy thing to do is to take a dollar bill, or any bill that is an American bill that has this type of paper, and you can either fold it or have it open, and you can put it under the tire where the hole is and that will hold it for a little while, just until you get to your destination or until you get to a bike shop.

Another thing you may want to carry on you are tire patches. These are tire patches; they are like a patch for your tire that is like a patch for a tube but just much stronger. So that would be the same type of thing where you would put it inside, it is an adhesive and just put it underneath the hole in your tire.

So now that this tire is junk we will just recycle it.

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