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How to Secure an Installed Bicycle Chain

Learn how to install a bike chain from Silk Road Cycles' Brendon Nicholas in this Howcast bicycle repair and maintenance video, part three of three.


Well you have your, you get your chain tool, and you're going to open up your chain tool so there is enough room for the pins to sit in there. And basically you set it right down in there, make sure that they are both together properly. You don't want to have one pulled to a side because then the pin will not go through straight. And you are just going to push the pin through by tightening the chain tool. And you'll see, once it gets pretty flush on the outer side here, it's going to have like a little bit, maybe a half a turn, and then you got to back off. So it looks like the rest of the pins on the actual chain, so it's nice and flush. It's not too far in, it's also not too far out. And there's a little bit left over, and that, you just take a pair of pliers, and you can break it right off.

Now when you are pushing a pin in and you are not using quick links or power links sometimes they get a little stiff. So that's where on your chain tool you have another ramp, so you have two ramps. This one is for pushing the pin out, and this is for making the pin not so stiff. So you find the pin again, and it's a little bit stiff, it's not moving at all, or it's really hard to move. And basically what you are going to do is you are going to put on that second ramp, the one on the back, and just push it slightly not too far that it's going to actually push through the side wall. And basically that makes it nice and smooth. So, that's how to install a chain.

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