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How to Install a Cruiser-Style Saddle on a Bicycle

Learn how to install a cruiser-style saddle from Silk Road Cycles' Brendon Nicholas in this Howcast bicycle repair and maintenance video.


So for installing your saddle and also taking off your saddle there is basically two different types of claps. This one is probably the most common now, this one is a little bit on the older style. And is may be a little bit different with two Allen bolts, hex bolts but they kind of act pretty much the same. So to take off this style which is the older style all you are going to need is an adjustable wrench or usually a 14mm wrench. So you just loosen one of the sides. See where it is pretty loose. See that you can just get your hands on it and pull it all the way off. So this basically just disassembles this whole top piece. It all completely will fall apart. So, you can see there is a bunch of pieces here through this clamp and they all fit back together pretty easily, you just have to know the order that they go on. So there are seat belt here, all seat belts are a little bit different. You are looking at different sizes in length and also in width. So usually goes from about 22 to 22.2 millimetres to usually around like 32 millimetres. So there is a really, really wide range. You can measure it with a pair of callipers or you take it to a bike shop and they can measure it for you. So to install it you take your seat belts, you have here the top here which is slightly narrower than the bottom and you can take this piece that has the head right here. Place it right on then you take these pieces right here that is basically where the rail goes through and you can place one on one side, one on the other side. And you can attach it to your saddle by just sliding it on the rails. Most of the rails are pretty standard sizes. The only saddles really that have a different sized rail are track racing saddles and you will see many of those when you see track racing. Then you take this piece basically want this so the rail can fit in this slot right here. And you are going to place it right through and then you put the other one on the other side. And put the nut back on and when you are installing it, you can slide the seat belts back and forth, according to the specifications of the saddle. So, like this saddle actually has a range on it where it says this is the max right here and this is the max right here. Don't go pass that because that then it has a potential to break. So you just kind of tighten it back together and I will show you how to adjust it up and down after we work with this saddle.

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