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How to Install a Road Bike Saddle

Learn how to install a road bike saddle from Silk Road Cycles' Brendon Nicholas in this Howcast bicycle repair and maintenance video.


This saddle is very, very easy with the seat posts to get off. What you're going to use is a six millimeter wrench. You undo the six millimeter wrench, usually anywhere between four millimeters and six millimeters. And then there's two screws and it's really easy. You just unscrew it to the point where the head just spins aside and it pops right off. And when you're installing a saddle usually unless you're doing time trails, you're going to make sure that the angle goes that way. So the head of the seat post is towards the back of the saddle. Now to put it back together, you just turn this to the side, the head to this side and then turn it on the saddle. You may need to loosen it a little bit. And it should fit perfectly on the rails and then you tighten it down and place it in between those max lines. So making sure not to go outside the lines so the saddle is placed correctly.

And now I'll show you how to put it on the bicycle. So you put your seat post back in the seat tube of your bicycle, get it to the height that you had it at before. Sometimes it's really good to use a piece of electrical tape or some type of tape to mark where your saddle is so you're not constantly adjusting it and getting frustrating with the level that it's at.

Make sure you tighten it down to the proper torque. And then, then you need to adjust the saddle head. So basically, what this does is when it's lose, it kind of ratchets back and forth. So you don't want your saddle like that. And you don't want your saddle like that. That's a, that's bad news. You are going to fall off your saddle or you are going to, that's going to be really painful. So you kind of want it in between. Everybody's a little bit different. I like my saddle pretty level. If you have a different type of saddle, like let's say you have a Brooks saddle which is those nice leather saddles. Sometimes you slide off of them too much so you need them elevated slightly. So kind of get the feel of where it's best for you. A generic location's kind of little bit leveled. Maybe a little bit with nose up, just so that you are just not falling off and putting too much weight on your hands. And then use that six millimeter and tighten, tighten the saddle at the proper torque, whatever it says according to the manufacturer's specifications. Make sure it's nice and tight so you're not going to, so it's not going to ratchet back and forth when you're on it.

And that is how to install your saddle.

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