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Bike Tools, Part 3

Learn about bike tools from Silk Road Cycles' Brendon Nicholas in this Howcast bicycle repair and maintenance video, part three of three.


And then up here we have another chain whip, different size. That's an eighth, an eighth, and this is three thirty-seconds, basically that's for like a single-speed. This is for multi-speed. And then to the right of that, this is a headset press, and basically what that does is it actually presses the cups of the headset in to the frame without damaging the frame or the headset. And then this stool here, which is broken at the moment, but which is in the process of being fixed basically goes into the seat tube, so it replaces your seat posts, especially for carbon frames.

You are not supposed to clamp carbon onto a bicycle stand or clamp carbon at all because it's uh, it's fragile. And this here is a crown race remover, so on the headset, on the very bottom of the headset, where, on the fork there's something called the crown race. And basically what that is, is that's the bottom piece that holds the bearings in and makes it, makes the bearings spin around on it, and this is uh, this tool will take it off. Uh, this tool we use a lot because, um, people are going in and out of offices, and in and out of apartment buildings and things like that, and this bends back your derailleur hanger. So the rear derailleur sits on a hanger, and a lot of times they get bent. So this is a tool basically that you'd screw on, use this little lever at the bottom of the wheel, and then spin it up and see if it's the same at the top.

And if it's not, then you have to bend it. And then lastly, here we have all of our Freewheel tools, or most of our Freewheel tools. So, as you saw in the other video, we use the Shimano one mostly for taking off free wheels. And then there's also other ones, Falcon, some old styles from you know the days of French cycling, things like that. So this is a truing stand, probably the most popular truing stand here in the states. It's made by Park tool. And what it does is, you put a wheel on it, and you go to wheel with a tire as well if you'd like, but it's easier without a tire. And then these two arms can be adjusted down and adjusted open, and basically as you spin the wheel, like I just spinned it fast right now, this isn't really how you'd work on it, but you can hear it hit at certain spots and not hit at other spots. So basically the wheel's out of true. So if you can see that, see how the wheel kind of wobbles back and forth and that needs, it needs to be true.

So when it hits, let's say it hits on this arm here and it's hitting right there. So I'd find that spot, and I'd take the correct spoke wrench. On these spokes it needs the red spoke wrench. It's just basically different sizing, so it's 0, 1, and 2 and there's also a couple of other size, there's a bunch of other sizes. And if I needed to go that way, I'm going to take the spokes over here and tighten those spokes, so it pulls that way. Or I'd take the spokes over here and loosen these spokes depending on how the tension is on the wheel...And this truing stand can, you can put any wheel on here, any size, and you have space. And it's really nice and really versatile.

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