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Bicycle Repair & Maintenance with Brendon Nicholas

Learn about Silk Road Cycles' owner Brendon Nicholas, one of Howcast's bicycle repair and maintenance experts, in this video.


My name in Brendon Nicholas, I own Silk Road Cycles in Brooklyn, New York. We have just celebrated our one year anniversary. I've been a bike mechanic across the United States for ten years now. We're kind of hidden here along the bike route. We're at a triangle on Franklin and Calyer, and we're set up right out along a bike lane that goes from Astoria, Queens all the way to Red Hook, Brooklyn so we hit three bridges. So we see a lot of people from a lot of different neighborhoods and defiantly get some characters in here that liven up the shop.

So Silk Road Cycles, basically we specialize in commuting, so commuter bicycles. And we also specialize in cycle touring or adventure cycling. So people that are going across country or just going to Pennsylvania, or basically taking longer trips and putting panniers or saddlebags and carrying sleeping bags with them, things like that. We do a lot of repairs, and our team here of mechanics is very experienced. We make sure to have all the tools on hand so we can do any repair. So basically if you have a bicycle, we'll be able to repair it as long as it's not electronic. So I also wanted to create a shop that felt very welcoming ascetically. So you can walk in, check out the product, very easy to walk around, not super florescent lighting.

Things that are handmade, like these benches, and a lot of the fixtures around the place. It feels more like a home and less like a warehouse. You can find me on the internet as well, it's Or you can find us at Facebook/silkroadcycles or @silkroadcycles on twitter.

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