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Best & Worst Foods for Digestion

Learn about the best and worst foods for digestion from gastroenterologist Lisa Ganjhu, M.D. in this Howcast video about stomach problems.


As I said before, food really does play a big role in digestion, and there are some good foods, and there are some bad foods. Foods that are really good for digestion are those foods that are very high in fiber and low in fat. And, really, and generally, unprocessed foods, because they are the foods that really stimulate the digestive tract and help it keep it in motion, and really keep your symptoms in balance.

The foods that are really bad for digestion are low-fiber and high-fat foods. Basically, what fat does, it makes our digestive tract really sluggish, so we get constipated, we get gassy, and bloated. If you can make those small, subtle changes of increasing a little bit more fiber in your diet, lowering the fat in your diet, you can really improve your digestive system and make you feel much better. Some examples of some good, healthy foods for your digestive tract would be whole grains, whole wheats, lots of fruits and vegetables, low fat dairy. All those things are really good for keeping your digestive system in check.

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