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How to Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Learn how to treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) from gastroenterologist Lisa Gangjhu, M.D. in this Howcast video about digestive disorders.


So how do you treat irritable bowel syndrome? That's a very tricky questions because there isn't a magic pill. Irritable bowel syndrome is different for everyone. And it's caused by different things so you have to kind of understand what causes your irritable bowel syndrome and understand what your triggers are. So if you can understand what your triggers are, you can avoid them or you can try to balance out how you're going to respond to those stressors. So that's really the cornerstone of how to manage your irritable bowel syndrome.

Now, if you have irritable bowel syndrome, predominantly diarrhea, then perhaps an anti-diarrheal agent may help you manage the symptoms of that irritable bowel syndrome symptom. If you've got constipation, then adding a little bit more fiber, adding more exercise, adding more water to your diet, that may help your system with those interventions. Now pain irritable bowel syndrome can be a little bit trickier so your doctor may want to prescribe an antispasmodic to help you get through those pain spasms. But again, in order to really manage the irritable bowel syndrome, you need to understand your irritable bowel syndrome and understand what your triggers are and try to avoid them.

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