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What Is Dumping Syndrome?

Learn about Dumping Syndrome from gastroenterologist Lisa Ganjhu, M.D. in this Howcast video about stomach problems and digestive disorders.


If your doctor has told you that you have something called Dumping Syndrome, chances are you had some sort of gastric surgery, whether it's gastric bypass, or stomach surgery, or ulcers, or for cancer, or some sort of surgery that required part of the stomach being removed or the nerves to the stomach getting cut. What happens is that the dumping part of the syndrome is that your stomach empties its contents into the small bowel too quickly so it's not digested or processed before it's gone into the small bowel. What happens is that the small bowel is not really ready to receive this unprocessed food, so you may have some pain, some diarrhea, some flushing, you can have dizziness symptoms from it, and it's all because of this hormonal release of chemicals that helped digest the food that are just getting a little confused because it's getting the product, or getting the food, too quickly.

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