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How to Prevent Stomach Bloating

Learn how to prevent stomach bloating from gastroenterologist Lisa Ganjhu, M.D. in this Howcast video about stomach problems and digestive disorders.


Bloating is one of the most common complaints that I hear here in my office and I'm sure you've had some problems with it too. So to try to treat that bloating we need to understand what might be causing that bloating.

It could be from something that you're eating. It could be medications that you're taking or it could be from bacterial overgrowth from an imbalance in our digestive tract.

Now if you can figure out what it's from then you can pick out what the treatment modality would best be. As far as for generalized bloating taking an anti-gas medication such as simethicone will help to dissolve that gas and help get rid of the bloating.

If it is because of a food source you may need to take some digestive enzymes to help properly digest those foods. So if you eat a lot of beans or those cruciferous vegetables or whole grains and notice that you get a lot of bloating with it you might want to try some Beano and that will help to digest it.

Now if it's milk that causes your bloating or your gassiness you could either take lactated milk or have lactate pills to help digest the milk. Or you can just shift to a different form of milk so that it's more of an almond milk or Silk. There's an almond milk or hemp milk or rice milk and you can use that in your cereal or coffee if you're not tolerating the milk products.

The last thing is taking probiotics. That's a great way of getting rid of the bad bacteria and really reconstituting your digestive tract with the good bacteria so to help with the digestion so you're not producing a lot of gas and you don't feel very bloated.

So all those modalities will help you get rid of gas and ultimately help you with your bloating.

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