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How to Treat & Prevent Hemorrhoids

Learn how to treat and prevent hemorrhoids from gastroenterologist Lisa Ganjhu, M.D. in this Howcast video about digestive disorders.


If you've been told you have hemorrhoids or have hemorrhoidal pain or hemorrhoidal bleeding, one thing to remember about prevention is that you should have a high-fiber diet and you should drink a lot of water. By straining, you really stress those hemorrhoids and you have a potential for more bleeding and pain.

If you do have a flare, there are certain medications that you can use over the counter that will help with reducing that pain and bleeding. You could try products like Preparation H or Anisole. If you have rectal itching, you can try Tucks pads.

Sitz baths will also help to reduce the inflammation or pain that you might have from a hemorrhoidal flare. A sitz bath is basically warm water either in a tub, or a bowl you can buy in the pharmacy or pharmaceutical store, which fits into your toilet. You fill that bowl up with warm water and soak your hemorrhoid. That will help with pain and reduce swelling.

If you have a lot of pain when you're sitting because of hemorrhoids, you can go to your surgical-pharmaceutical store and buy what's called a "doughnut," which is actually a doughnut-shaped pillow that helps to alleviate any pressure that you may have as you sit on your bottom.

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