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7 Facts about Probiotics or Good Bacteria

Learn about probiotics, aka good bacteria, from gastroenterologist Lisa Ganjhu, M.D. in this Howcast video about stomach problems.


Probiotics basically are good bacteria that helps to promote good digestive health. We actually have billions of bacteria, both good and bad, within our digestive tracts. Basically the good bacteria act upon the bad bacteria to kind of keep things in check because there's a function for all of them. If for some reason. Whether we're taking antibiotics or we're stressed or we eat a poor diet.

Sometimes that good balance of good to evil gets off balance, and we get digestive symptoms such as bloating, or constipation, or pain. How to remedy that is by re-instituting the good bacteria. That's when we take the probiotics to help bring in more good bacteria to suppress that bad bacteria. By doing so, you're going to improve your digestive tract. There's different forms of probiotics that we can take. We can take it in a pill form. You just need to understand that not all probiotics are the same. There's lactobacillus.

There's also some yeast that actually act as probiotics as well that help with our digestion. We can also take probiotics in natural form, which would be the Greek yogurts or yogurts within a live culture.

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