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9 Tips for Dealing with Turista aka Montezuma's Revenge

Learn about turista, aka Montezuma's Revenge or travelers diarrhea, from gastroenterologist Lisa Ganjhu, M.D. in this Howcast stomach problems video.


There are a lot of slang terms out there, when it comes down to it, you're traveling, you're on vacation, you eat something that just doesn't set right, and boom, you're sick. You've got what's called traveler's diarrhea. Or, in other words, Montezuma's revenge, turista, Delhi belly, you name it, but you've got traveler's diarrhea. And it could ruin your trip.

There are a lot of ways of avoiding getting traveler's diarrhea, and the most important thing to think about is to keep your hands clean and your food clean. Because any contamination is going to cause the traveler's diarrhea.

Basically, essentially, it's food poisoning. That's why you need to make sure that if you do go out and abroad, you wash your hands, you wash your fruits and vegetables, not with the local water, but with bottled water. If you do eat fruits, make sure it's fruit that you peel off the outer skin, such as bananas or oranges, because that way you're going to reduce the exposure to potential toxins that will to give you that traveler's diarrhea.

Your doctor may give you some antibiotics to take to shorten the course of the traveler's diarrhea. There are some over-the-counter medications that you can take with you as preventatives, so that in case you start to get sick you can try that to help you feel better. It's always important to keep a little Pepto Bismol with you in your travel bag, because if you do have a minor bout of traveler's diarrhea, that usually helps in a pinch.

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