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What Is Candida?

Learn about candida from gastroenterologist Lisa Ganjhu, M.D. in this Howcast video about stomach problems and digestive disorders.


Candida's actually a fungal infection and it's fairly common. It most commonly affects the skin or vaginal flora or in the mouth or nails.

It usually can be treated quite well with an anti-fungal agent. In cases of systemic infections which happens in people who are immunocompromised whether they're Cancer patients or HIV or AIDS patients they need a systemic anti-fungal agent to help clear up the infection.

There has been some discussion or some controversy whether Candida affects the digestive track and if it may cause some digestive complaints.

It can infect the esophagus, in which case you have problems swallowing or painful swallowing. Again that happens in patients that have some sort of immunocompromised state.

There has been some discussion that it causes some GI discomfort or joint pains or some sort of systemic infection. But it's still debatable and it's questionable if it does contribute to those systems as well.

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