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How to Understand Stomach Problems with Lisa Ganjhu, M.D.

Learn about gastroenterologist Lisa Ganjhu, MD, one of Howcast's experts in stomach problems and digestive disorders, in this video.


My name's Doctor Lisa Ganjhu. I'm a Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist. So I manage diseases of the digestive tract and the liver.

I just love talking to people about food and diet and making them feel better. A lot of people just get very anxious and angry and just fed up that they can't eat their normal food that they normally eat. Or they have a lot of pain or a lot of GI discomfort and it just makes me really happy that I can get them back into shape and making them feel healthy.

I think a lot of people don't realize how much diet plays a huge impact in gastrointestinal diseases both in prevention and causing pain and causing GI illnesses.

People who have very highly processed, low fiber foods, high fat foods tend to have a lot of constipation and pain and gas. And just making those simple changes really make a big deal of difference in how they digest their meals and how comfortable they actually are.
And just making that small change, increasing fiber, going low fat makes a huge, huge difference.

I'm a blogger for Sharecare and Healthy Bites which is a part of Continuum and my own web site I also enjoy teaching about medicine and I teach in some of the medical schools.

My favorite thing to do is teach patients about healthy eating and changing the way they cook and changing the way they prepare their meals. It's made big differences and it makes me really happy that these small subtle changes in behavior really improve their health.

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