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How to Treat a Human Bite

Learn how to treat a human bite in this first aid video from Howcast with Nurse Mary.


How to treat a human bite. Number one, get yourself away from any danger. Safety is key, you have to be safe in order to help the person who had a human bite. Number two, you want to clean the wound. Soap and water is good, mild soap and water. If there's bleeding you want to stop the bleeding. You want to get a clean cloth or some gauze and apply pressure to the wound. You need to look for infection. If there's puss, redness, chills and fever, anything like that, you need to seek medical help. You also need to be careful because a bite can injure underlying tissue, such as the bone, the nerves, the tendons. Things that you don't see on the surface. So you want to keep that in your mind when you are taking care of someone who has a human bite.

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