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How to Evaluate a Burn

Learn how to evaluate a burn in this first aid video from Howcast with Nurse Mary.


There is the first degree burn which is usually, most commonly, by boiling water, quick contact with something that is really hot, either a heater or stove. It gets red. It's painful, and it's pretty much a first degree burn. It can be anywhere from small to big. The bigger the area, the more important it is for you to go seek medical attention.

A second degree burn; a quick little thumbnail. You get blistering. You get minor sloughing of the skin. It's red, and it's puffy. You want to get medical attention to evaluate it the grade of that as well.

Number three, the third degree burn, it's very important to go seek medical attention. That's where it looks charred, or it looks white. Your limb may go numb. There's a lot of sloughing. It's really important to get to a doctor right away and check that out.

If you've been burned or someone you love has been burned and you're unsure of how severe it is, always call your doctor. Call Instacare. Call some kind of medical provider that they can talk to you over the phone, and they can further assist you as to what to do next, whether to stay home or whether to go see your doctor.

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