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How to Give CPR

Learn how to give CPR in this first aid video from Howcast with Nurse Mary.


What to do when you need to give someone CPR. Now, this video is not going to make you an expert, or an EMT, or a paramedic in CPR. It's kind of just like a review, a thumbnail course. If you really want to know, which I think everyone should know, I think it's a fabulous skill to have, take a CPR class. They'll run down the whole thing. They'll give you practicals, they'll help you out, they'll let you know what to do and how to do it, and it's a fantastic course. Everybody can use it in their life. But for this video I'm just going to give a quick overview of CPR. I'm going to have my friend Hannah come in and lay down and we're going to show you the quick overview of CPR. Hannah, would you lie down?

So what you're going to do is you're going to get the person on their back flat. You're going to look for the line between the nipples but on the breastbone. So you go to the breastbone, you can feel it on yourself, the breastbone, and at the very end there's a little like triangle there? That's your zyphoid process. You don't want to push on that because that can break off and lodge into the persons organs. So you go between the two breasts, the breast line, and you don't want to rock. You don't want to do this because that's not going to give you the right kind of force. You want to go on top, keep your hands closed on top, and just one, two, three, four. All the way to 30. Do it quick, and it's going to be quite a bit of force. Don't be afraid to use that force. It may be more than you're used to, but it's saving someone's life, so it's worth it.

And then you're going to want to give some breaths. So you tilt the head back, you pinch their nose with your thumb and your forefinger. You open their mouth and then you put your mouth on their mouth and you blow in. One - watch their chest rise out of the corner of your eyes - two, watch their chest rise, then you go back to the compressions. And you keep doing that, you repeat it over and over again. 30 compressions, two breaths. 30 compressions, two breaths. You keep doing that until the ambulance arrives to help your friend.

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