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How to Treat Someone Who Has Food Poisoning

Learn how to treat someone who has food poisoning in this first aid video from Howcast with Nurse Mary.


Food poisoning usually happens pretty quickly after you eat the food that's been affected. You'll feel nauseated. You'll have an upset stomach. You could vomit. You could have diarrhea and it all happens pretty quickly. So, what do you want to do? After the vomiting and the diarrhea, you're going to want to rehydrate yourself. You're going to lose a lot of fluids that way, so you're going to want to drink clear liquids. Water is fantastic. Chicken broth or vegetable broth is really good cause that'll give you electrolytes as well, cause you're going to lose the electrolytes. You want to be careful. Watch out for any kind of a fever. If you have a fever over 101, if you are nauseated for more than 12 hours and you're vomiting for more than 12 hours, you're going to want to seek help. If you have diarrhea for more than 24 hours, you're going to want to seek help, if nothing more than to get rehydrated, because you'll lose a lot of fluid that way. If you start to have any cognition, or if you're with someone and they have cognition changes, difficulty thinking, acting in a bizarre behavior, you're going to want to see someone right away about that as well. Other than that, you really just want to kind of take it easy. Eat dry, bland foods. Rehydrate yourself and rest for a good day.

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