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How to Treat a Head Injury

Learn how to treat a head injury in this first aid video from Howcast with Nurse Mary.


Any kind of head injury needs to be checked out by a doctor immediately.

You can get the person to the doctor yourself. But you need to call 911 if you see things like blood or clear fluid coming from the ears or the nose. If the person is disoriented, has slurred speech, feels like they're going to faint, loses consciousness.

Also, if their pupils are unequal size or they can't move their limbs. They start to go numb. You really want to get someone right away. So, you really want to call 911 for those things.

If you suspect a neck injury or head injury you want to lay them down. You want to keep them still. You don't want to move the neck or the head too much. You may dislodge something in here or put pressure on nerves or other underlying tissues that would cause more damage.

So, lay them down. Try not to touch them. Keep them calm. Keep them safe. If you're in a dangerous situation obviously you want to get them out of the dangerous situation because you don't want to be in more danger.

You want to check to make sure that they are still breathing. That they still have a pulse. If you can't get to a doctor right away you need to stay with that person until you can.

You need to check their cognition every two hours. Check their alertness. They can sleep. I know that there's an old wives tale that says don't let them fall asleep. But they can sleep. They can rest. Sometimes that helps them.

Every two hours. A good rule of thumb every two hours is to check their alertness and make sure that they are still cognition of what's going on.

The best thing to do for any kind of head injury or neck injury is call 911. Get help right away. Make sure nothing else is going on. Make sure there's no further damage anywhere else. And you want to get help quickly.

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