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How to Recognize & Treat Heatstroke

Learn how to recognize and treat heatstroke in this first aid video from Howcast with expert Nurse Mary.


So for heatstroke, you're gonna to want to get the person out of the hot environment. You're want to keep them safe in a cool, dry place. If you're outside, you want to get them inside. If you have a place where it's inside with air conditioning or with fans to kind of bring down their temperature. If you're outside and you don't have uh some place to go that's inside that's cold, you can spray them off with uh a hose with cold water outside. If you're inside and the person is alert and oriented, they can get into the shower, under cold water to help bring down their temperature. Once you get the person inside, you can put ice packs to the armpits, the groin and the back of the neck. That will help to decrease the core body temperature and help to cool them down. If they are alert and oriented and they can swallow and they can follow commands, have them drink cool liquids. You want them to rest. You don't want to go outside. No physical activity for the rest of the day. You may want to get a cold alcoholic drink. Don't. Alcohol can dehydrate you even more which can make things worse. You're gonna want to call 911 for a couple of things, if things are severe. If the person is disoriented, confused, has trouble thinking, has slurred speech, um, isn't acting like their normal self, you're gonna to want to call for help. If their fever is over 101 and you can't get it down, you, you want to call for help and get someone to help you quickly. If they have uh, shallow, fast breathing or their pulse is very weak and fast, you're want to get help right away. If when you're at home, and you've uh called out the person and you've given them the cold drinks, if the symptoms don't go away or if they get worse or if there's nausea and vomiting, you want to call for help right away.

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