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How to Treat a Nosebleed

Learn how to treat a nosebleed in this first aid video from Howcast with Nurse Mary.


Noses can bleed for various reasons. They can be hit in the nose. It could be really dry. You could be hit in the head and your nose could bleed. If you suspect any kind of head trauma you need to call a doctor right away. If the bleeding is thin or yellow colored you need to call someone right away. Call 911 and be seen right away. It could be head trauma. Something bigger and worse could be going on.

If you don't suspect head trauma and it's a run of the mill nosebleed you want to pinch your nose. You're going to pinch with your thumb and your forefinger the soft part of your nose right here. You're going want to lean forward. I know the old wives tale is to lean back. If you're leaning back any blood will drain down your throat and can gag you and make you feel uncomfortable. You'll cough. It can irritate your nose even more. Lean forward and pinch. Pinch for a good ten minutes, and then let go and see what happens.

If it's still bleeding go ahead and do the same thing. Pinch your nose and lean forward. Pinch and hold. You may want to look at a clock, because ten minutes seems like a very long time. Just wait it out. Pinch it and lean forward.

If after two two times of ten minutes it's still going, if your nose is bleeding for more than thirty minutes, you really need to see somebody about that because something's going on. If you suspect that your nose has been broken, if it's misshapen, if it looks different than it did before, you're going to want to get it checked out to see if it is broken. Then the doctor can take care of that.

Afterwards you can put ice to your nose and to your cheeks to help with the swelling and to help with the pain. You could take over the counter medicines to help. Stay away from aspirin, because that's a blood thinner and that can make the bleeding worse.

If you start to notice other things going on, confusion, dizziness, slurred speech, people just not acting like themselves especially after a head trauma, after being hit in the head, then call your doctor. They are happy to help you. There is no question that's too little or too small. They are there to help because that's what they do.

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