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How to Treat Someone Having a Seizure

Learn how to treat someone having a seizure in this first aid video from Howcast with Nurse Mary.


So what do you do if you find someone who is having a seizure? Number one, you want to stay calm. Assess the area, make sure there isn't anything that can cause injury to the person while they are having a seizure. You want to pay attention to the length of the seizure. You want to clear onlookers away, you don't want to clutter up the area with people looking and ogling and gawking, you have to be sensitive to the person who is having the seizure as well. Don't put anything in the person's mouth. I know that's an old wives tale to put a spoon or a wallet in their mouth. They will not swallow their tongue. You just need to ride out the seizure, you don't need to put anything in their mouth, it can cause more damage to stick something in there. You don't need to hold the person down, that can also cause more damage if you're fighting against them while they are shaking. Afterwords, you want to put them in the recovery position. Roll them over to their side, that way if they start to vomit, or any kind of saliva, or any kind of fluids come out it will fall and they won't choke. So once they've recovered you want to help them up, get them to a safe place, it may take them a while to fully get back to their normal self. If the seizure lasts for more than five minutes you want to call 911. If the person suffering the seizure is pregnant or diabetic you want to call 911. If it happens after a head blow, or after ingesting any poison or chemical you want to call 911. If the person has another seizure withing 24 hours call 911. If the person is epileptic and has seizures often they will wear a bracelet that says epileptic, this is part of their normal life. Be supportive, help them as much as you can and be reassuring.

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