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How to Treat Alcohol Poisoning

Learn how to treat alcohol poisoning in this first aid video from Howcast with Nurse Mary.


So, there's a difference between having too much to drink and having alcohol poisoning and the first thing you need to do is you need to make sure that they're breathing and see if they're responsive. If they're not breathing, if they don't have a pulse, call 911. Start CPR. Talk to the dispatcher. They'll tell you what to do. If they're unresponsive, put them in the recovery position. You never know when they're gonna vomit. You never know what kind of fluids are gonna come out. You can have excess saliva. You could have mucus. You could have blood. You wanna turn them over to the side so they don't choke on it and that everything can fall to the floor. You wanna keep this person warm, warm and dry. If they're covered in wet clothing, you know, take it off the best you can and cover them up. Keep them warm and dry and in a safe place. Once this person's recovered a little bit, is alert, is oriented and can listen to you and follow instructions, you wanna hydrate this person. They'll be very dehydrated which can cause headaches. That's the reason why you get hung over. So, you wanna hydrate slowly and carefully. If you have any doubt in your mind whether this person has alcohol poisoning and needs further treatment, err on the side of caution. Get the person to an emergency room. Call the doctor. Call 911. It's better to be safe than sorry. The bottom line is even if your friend has a pulse and is breathing but is unresponsive, will not respond to you, is not waking up, call 911. Get them to be seen by a doctor.

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