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Dead Island Playthrough Part 1 - Introduction

Check out this playthrough for the action RPG "Dead Island" and beat the introduction with this online demo.


Man: Help! Help! Ah God! Help!

Sam: Maybe there's something in here.

Broadcast: This is hotel emergency broadcast system. Please leave your apartment immediately. Follow signs to the nearest staircase. For safety reasons3,43 all elevators are off-line. Please remain calm and follow the instructions of the hotel personnel.

Sinamoi: I can see you through the camera. You feeling all right, mate? No shakes? Fever? Chills? Good. I'll introduce myself later. Right now, we gotta get you the hell out of there. Do exactly as I say, okay? You're gonna have to trust me. First, you need to get hold of a weapon. Search in the maintenance storage room by the end of the corridor. I would move if I were you. Now!

Sam: What do we got here?

Sinamoi: It's the infected! Run! Run for the storage room! Just a bit farther!

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