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Dead Island Playthrough Part 9 - To Kill Time / Ashes to Ashes (3 of 3)

Check out part 9 of this playthrough for the action RPG "Dead Island" and beat "To Kill Time" and "Ashes to Ashes" with this online demo.


Logan: This is fucking insane! What the hell is this?! Jesus Christ, man.

Mike: Hurry it up. These fuckers are starting to stink. Hey, thank you. This should do it. By the way, I'm Mike. I got the bodies piled up outside. Guess we'd better do this.

Logan: Getting in shape.

Hank: Come over here, I've got a job for you. Hey, wait a sec!

Jack: Can somebody help me with this bloody door?

Logan: Anything good in here?

Jack: God damn it, somebody help me with the god damn door! Would you give me a hand here?

Hank: Come over here, I've got a job for you.

Mike: Some fucking vacation, huh? I can help you out, though. You need a weapon, I'm your guy. Bricks and baseball bats can only take you so far. Torch them! They burn real easy. Get yourselves a couple of Molotov cocktails and you can burn up a whole mob of those motherfuckers. You bring me a couple and I can make you a few cocktails, if you catch my drift?

Logan: Yeah.

Mike: Good. I'm going to need some empty whisky bottles. Vodka. Whatever. There should be some around here. You know, there's a better way to kill those things.

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