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Dead Island Playthrough Part 13 - Life in the Bag

Check out this playthrough for the action RPG "Dead Island" and beat "Life in the Bag" with this online demo.


Jack: Can somebody help me with this bloody door? Hey, mate, can you help me? Hey, remember me, mate? I'm the doctor, but I can't do much without medical supplies. The door to the infirmary's locked from the other side and Anne's in critical condition! You think you can help me break the bloody thing down?

Logan: Yeah.

Jack: I appreciate it. Go on then.

Logan: Can't hurt to take a look.

Jack: Good on you, mate. Now let me get to work. There's nothing! No bandages, no antibiotics, no painkillers. Not even a bloody aspirin! That's it then. There's nothing I can do for her. There's nothing! No bandages, no anti...

What a bloody disaster. Nothing here at all is there? We need to think of another way. Will you help me? I need you to locate an ambulance or one of the lifeguard vehicles. Inside you'll find a paramedic bag with all the necessary equipment in it. I'm pretty sure I saw one by the Diamond Bungalows.

Logan: Okay, what the hell.

Jack: Without your help, we'd all be six feet under by now. Or bloody walking corpses. You just saved a lot of lives, mate. You may have even saved Anne's. Thank you.

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