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Dead Island Playthrough Part 14 - Family Matters

Check out this playthrough for the action RPG "Dead Island" and beat "Family Matters" with this online demo.


Sinamoi: We're safe here for now, but there's still a lot to do. A lot of people here need help. Go talk to them and see what you can do.

Mick: Please. Just keep looking. That is exactly what I needed. Thank you. You just saved this girl's life.

Monica: I can't get through. Can you come closer?

Ned: Can you come closer? If you could bring me back some food, I would really appreciate it. Anything. Find me some food and I'll give you whatever I have.

Simanoi: Yeah.

Ned: Go. Hurry. See what you can find.

Max: I'm telling you, it couldn't have been him. Kelly's worried about her husband, Will. But I think he's probably okay. If you happen to be nearby there, can you see if you can find him?

Simanoi: Yeah.

Max: His name is William. He's about six-foot one, black hair. Good looking. He's a concierge. He has a friend named Doyle who works in the Diamond District bungalows. I'm thinking maybe he's hiding out there.

Hank: Come over here. I've got a job for you.

Jose: I don't know if anyone can hear me, but if you can, I'm all alone in a bunker on the cape. Please, I need help.

Svetlana: Everything is so fucked up. And these half-dead assholes? They're fucking annoying.

William: Max sent you to find me? I can't believe that crazy bitch sent someone to find me. The whole world's going to hell and the last person I want to be with is that goddamn wife of mine.

Look, take the money and whatever else you want. It's no use to me anymore. And tell her . . . tell her I'm dead. Believe me, it's for the best.

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