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Dead Island Playthrough Part 21 - My Precious

Check out part 21 of this playthrough for the action RPG "Dead Island" and beat "Seek n Loot" and "Waterdance" with this online demo.


Jessica: Help me, please. Please! I need your help. Help me, please. I don't understand any of this. Please. My husband, he's bleeding. Can you help us?

Roger: Come closer. Name's Roger, brother, and this is my wife, Jess. We were driving like a bat out of hell. When I saw that broke down car, part of me said, "Forget about it." But I couldn't. I couldn't do that and live with myself so we stopped to see if we could help. That driver, he must have been in shock or something because he threw himself at us like a crazy guy. I had to kill him, but this was self-defense. I was protecting myself, man. C'mon, you gotta believe me.

But you know what? He took a bite out of me, man. Shit. I think I got whatever he had. Rabies? I don't know. Fuck. Who the hell knows, but can you get Jess out of here? If I start to lose it, I don't want to bloody hurt her.

Man: Okay. What the hell?

Roger: Hey, man. Thanks. You should take her to the Lighthouse. My brother James should be there. He'll take her in.

Man: What we got here?

Jessica: What is happening here? There are people living in the Lighthouse? Thank you. Can you check on my husband?

Jeannine: Yes, this is it. Oh, thank you. Thank you so much. Here's the reward I promised. Thank you.

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