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Dead Island Playthrough Part 22 - Light My Fire

Check out part 22 of this playthrough for the action RPG "Dead Island" and beat "Light My Fire" with this online demo.


Monica: I can't get through.

Trevor: Unlike Sinamoi and his crew, we're not content to sit on our butts and hope that help's on the way. We're more proactive, you know? Further up the coast there's a couple shipwrecks. The result of that monsoon that came through. I'm thinking they might have supplies, including signal flares. When help finally does get here, like maybe the military, we need a way to let them know where we are. You interested in a little salvage work? Here. Good, and when help finally does get here and we get their attention, I guarantee you first spot on the chopper. Okay I'll be right here keeping an eye out. You let me know ...

Monica: I can't ... I was in contact with the pilots of that plane that went down. It was full of passengers and they said they were making an emergency landing near the edge of the jungle. I lost contact with them after that. But, if they landed that plane safely maybe we can use it to get the hell off this island. Hey, that plane might be our ticket out of here.

James: I saw what you did for us. I wont' forget it.

Monica: Did you find the plane?

Sam B: Don't let me die like this.

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