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Dead Island Playthrough Part 30 - Born to be Wild

Check out part 31 of this playthrough for the action RPG "Dead Island" and beat "Born to be Wild" with this online demo.


Intercom: Clear the corridor. Just be bloody careful. There's a shitload of those fuckers in there. I ain't opening the next door until you kill all of them. That one was quick as hell. "Was" being the operative word there. Looks like that's all of them then. Okay then, get ready. I'm unlocking the door.

Sam B: Anything good in here?

Mike: Pay attention now. Listen carefully. Listen, the hotel security system is fried. Some of the security cams are deactivated and some of the key corridors have been blocked, including the one to the parking garage. It needs to be re-booted. Luckily you can reset it manually in a server room. But first you got to get past those bloody psychos. I use to work with those poor bastards! Jesus Christ. Rebooting it isn't difficult, but it does take some time. Follow the on-screen instructions and there shouldn't be a problem. Watch your back though. Who knows who or what is in there.

Sam B: Let's see what we got.

Mike: You bloody made it. Good! The door to the parking lot is unlocked and a large part of the system is up and running again. I'm just worried about the power in the parking lot.

Sam B: What's in here?

Mike: What are you waiting for?

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