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Dead Island Playthrough Part 32 - Black Hawk Down

Check out this playthrough for the action RPG "Dead Island" and beat "Black Hawk Down" with this online demo.


Sam B: What we got here?

Sinamoi: We heard somebody on the radio talking about a chopper going down. From what they said, the crash sites pretty close by. Maybe you can check it out.

Sam B: How can I say no?

Sinamoi: Look for survivors first and then see if there's anything in the wreckage worth saving.

Sam B: What do we got here? Holy shit!

Xian: Careful! Watch it! Dang! That bitch was huge! Hey!

Nikolai: It is fortunate that you came along! My name is Nikolai. As you can see, this piece of shit helicopter that was supposed to get me off this fucking island crashed! Figures, it wasn't Russian. We need to get out of here my friends. Soon this place will be swarming with those things. Before we crashed I saw a bunker by the beach. Once inside it would be a great place for us to hide. Very defensible. Unfortunately, it's surrounded by those infected freaks. If you can get us to the bunker I guarantee I will get you off this goddamn island!

Sam B: Maybe there's something in here.

Nikolai: Kill them!

Sam B: Goddamn!

Nikolai: Kill them!

Sam B: Stay.

Nikolai: Nice fucking vacation, huh? We should keep moving. Can you move any faster?

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