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Dead Island Playthrough Part 33 - Black Hawk Down / Misery Wagon

Check out part 34 of this playthrough for the action RPG "Dead Island" and beat "Black Hawk Down" and "Misery Wagon" with this online demo.


Nikolai: Can you move any faster? Spasibo, my friends. Here's a little something for your trouble. The helicopter crash was unfortunate. It is time we begin working on plan B.

Logan: Let's see what we got. Come.

Nikolai: Not even a hello . . . Ah, my friends.

Sinamoi: Every little bit helps us hang on a little longer. It's a big powerful truck but we need to turn it into a bloody tank. We need to reinforce it and make it unstoppable. You up for that?

Logan: Yeah.

Sinamoi: Good. There's a workshop not far from the light house. You'll find what you need there. You know how to weld? Let's just pray the mechanic's alive then, or we'll need to find somebody else.

Logan: Damn! I've been . . .

Jin: Get in, quick!

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