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Dead Island Playthrough Part 34 - Only the Strong Survive

Check out this playthrough for the action RPG "Dead Island" and beat "Black Hawk Down" and "Misery Wagon" with this online demo.


Earl: Oh, son of a bitch! Ow, goddamn. Someone else is alive on this island? They can't help what they are. They're sick in the head. I showed some compassion, I got bit. By tomorrow, I'll be one of them. Got maybe six hours left, probably less. But until then, I can still do some good, right? What do you want this thing to be? A rolling fortress? A homemade tank? I can add some armor or whatever. You want me to give it a try?

Logan: Yeah, okay.

Earl: Now you're talking. Make it so those bastards don't interfere. And I'll pimp your ride, damn straight.

Jin: He's not well.

Logan: Let's see what we got here.

Jin: He's not well.

Earl: Hurry up, people. I ain't got all day.

Logan: What the hell! Damn! Getting better. Goddamn!

Earl: I'm done. It will have to do. Eh, there's one more thing. My daughter can't stay here.

Jin: What?

Earl: Soon I won't be in my right mind. I don't want to hurt her.

Purna: We'll take her to the lifeguard.

Earl: He can't protect her! Not like you can. I want you to take her.

Logan: Sorry, bubba. No way.

Earl: Hey, is this what you need? Then give me what I need.

Jin: What are you saying, dad? I'm not going anywhere.

Earl: No, honey, listen to me. You have to, honey. There's nothing for you here now.

Jin: I'm not leaving you.

Earl: Look, look at me. Look at me! I love you and this is how I want you to remember me. You promise me you'll take care of her.

Xian: She'll come with us.

Jin: Dad, no. Dad!

Earl: You go on now and don't you lose hope. Live your life. I love you.

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