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Dead Island Playthrough Part 35 - Ram on Heaven's Door

Check out this playthrough for the action RPG "Dead Island" and beat "Ram on Heaven's Door" with this online demo.


Sinamoi: All right. Now, you ready? Go--

Sam: I don't want to pass up anything useful.

Sinamoi: Don't take any stupid chances. You die out there and our last chance to survive dies with you.

Jin: Mom always wanted to come back here, but she never got the chance. We settled here after her death. The island helped him forget, and he poured his heart and soul into it. This is where my heart is, too. So, if we're supposed to help someone, let's just do it.

Sam: Yeah.

Jin: All set? Let's go. I say we check out the church first. Anyone still alive would probably go there. I would.

Man: Hey! Over here! Help us!

Jin: Oh my God. Those poor people. We can't just leave them like this.

Man: Help! Help!

Sam: Back the fuck off!

Man: Hey down there! Open the gate! The guests are here! Go talk to Mother Helen. Maybe you can figure out how to silence those blasted bells.

Helen: The lifeguard said you'd be coming. One of ours, possessed by a demon, locked himself in the belfry. Please help us silence these bells. They are calling to the devil's disciples.

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