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Dead Island Playthrough Part 36 - Sacred Silence / Drowned Hope

Check out this playthrough for the action RPG "Dead Island" and beat "Sacred Silence" and "Drowned Hope" with this online demo.


Sam: Damn! That bitch was huge! Let's see what we got here.

Helen: Thank you. You saved us. Those demons nearly pushed their way into the church. And Frank, his soul was lost to the beast.

Mugambe: And I believe you might be able to do this for me, uh?

Howard: Can I ask a favor?

Helen: You need supplies? Food? Medicine? I'm sorry, but the city has already been looted. You won't find much unless you know where to look. I will help you, but only if you promise to help me, for it is the Lord's will that you are here. Yesterday we lost our water supply. Two brave souls left this morning to check the pump station. They haven't returned.

Sam: All right.

Helen: Can you find out what happened to them? Or at the very least, turn the water back on.

Mugambe: Please...

Sam: Maybe there's something in here.

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