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Dead Island Playthrough Part 39 - Drowned Hope

Check out part 40 of this playthrough for the action RPG "Dead Island" and beat "Drowned Hope" with this online demo.


Punk 1: Die!

Sam: Owe!

Punk 2: Over there!

Sam: Damn! That bitch was huge! Ahh! Damn! Owe!

Sniffer: You're fucking dead!

Sam: Damn! That bitch was huge!

Punk 3: Come on out, you coward!

Sam: Let's open this up.

Punk 4: Time to die!

Police Station Punk: If anyone can hear this, we've taken over the police station! The law is gone and we are in charge! If you're looking for help, don't look here! We can't help you. It's the law of the jungle now. Stay away from the police station! There is no help to be had here. We have taken it over. And if anyone approaches, we will consider them an enemy.

Anyone listening, here me now! The police have fled like cowards. The station is ours! Do not come here! All you will find is death. These rascals have taken the police station and the authorities have no authority here. Do not come here for help. We have nothing to give. There is no help.

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