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Dead Island Playthrough Part 48 - Let the Waters Flow

Check out this playthrough for the action RPG "Dead Island" and beat "Let the Waters Flow" with this online demo.


Policeman 1: Hey! We've got more survivors!

Policeman 2: Hey, it's good to see some new faces. If you made it, maybe there's more survivors out there.

Policeman 3: Everything all right? You look like you've been through the bloody wringer.

Roy Ward: You came through the sewers? That means those things can get through that way as well!

Policeman 4: I hope that the barricades hold.

Sony Haoda: Whose idea was it to flow up all the bridges?

Survivor 1: Blowing the bridges was the only thing to do. It was the only way to keep out the infection.

Sony Haoda: Yes. They can't get in, but we can't get out.

Josh: We can't sit in here forever. Everything's going to hell.

Policeman 5: Go get some rest. Close your eyes. For we're safe now.

Policeman 6: So what's the plan? Somebody must have a goddamn plan.

Mayor Todd Tanis: What the hell? Who in God's name are you and how the hell did you get inside here? You're here to find food and medicine. Well, I'm sorry, but that's impossible. Our supplies are limited and we need everything we have. That's all I have to say to you for now. People are waiting on me and I have things to do.

Sam B: That asshole just said the exact same thing those motherfuckers at the police station did.

Purna: Things go to shit and it's every fuckwit for himself.

Sam B: 300 families. The flushest motherfuckers in the city. It's just like N'awlins. As long as they got theirs, who gives a shit if the ghetto burns.

Logan: They're just playing for their own team. And I think it's about time we did the same.

Sam B: What are you saying?

Logan: I'm saying that we have to find that guy on the radio.

Xian: And the lifeguard? We promised to help.

Logan: Fuck the lifeguard! If not for him, we wouldn't be stuck here like this.

Purna: Make the call.

Logan: Jim? Are you there?

Jim: Yes, I'm here. Were you able to get anything?

Logan: We're calling if off. Come get us at the sewer exit.

Jim: Wait, wait. What are you planning to do?

Logan: If we're gonna survive, we need to get the hell out. No one here is gonna help us.

Jim: We're supposed to be the ones helping! We're the only ones who can't. I couldn't help my father but I can help the others.

Purna: Jim, listen. The best way to help everyone is to find that guy from the radio. He's the only one who understands what's going on. We're only wasting our time here.

Jim: I promised I would get those people food and medicine. And I will, with or without your help. We're staying with the plan or I'm taking the car and you're on your own.

Purna: You won't make it without us, darl. You know it's true. And if you leave us here without transportation, we're not gonna make it either.

Jim: No one's going to make it if we don't help them.

Xian: The girl is right.

Purna: What do you want to do, Jim? It's up to you.

Jim: I want to supply everyone. The resort, the church, the police station.

Sam B: Those motherfuckers at the police station? Are you kidding me?

Purna: We'll supply everyone but the police station. Those assholes can fend for themselves. Then we'll find the voice from the radio. Agreed?

Jim: I'll be at the sewer exit. Over and out.

Policeman 7: Listen to me carefully. We barricaded the entire building and for now it's secure, but if those things force their way in, you need to know what to do. First off, keep your distance. They're faster than they look so don't go toe to toe. One bite and you're infected. You'll be one of them. So rule one is run the fuck away. But what if they got you cornered? Rule number two: those things are not human. They aren't somebody's daughter or wife or girlfriend or brother. They're pure bloody evil and you need to kill them. That means aim for the hit. No compassion, no hesitation. Rule number three, if you see someone bitten, remember rule number two. When the time comes, you're gonna need to know what to do.

Survivor 2: Damn. That's all our food. What am I supposed to tell these people?

Richman: The police can't help us.

Male: Anything good in here?

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