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Dead Island Playthrough Part 53 - Supermarket Journey

Check out part 53 of this playthrough for the action RPG "Dead Island" and beat "Supermarket Journey" with this online demo.


Survivor: Okay, don't shoot.

Man 1: I don't want to pass up anything useful.

Survivor: Killers are in here. Raskols. Thugs. There!

Punk: Kill them!

Man 2: Come out or I'll shoot.

Man 1: God damn!

Man 3: Hey, over here.

Man 4: Kill him!

Man 5: You're not leaving . . .

Man 6: You're not leaving alive!

Man 7: No! No! No!

Man 8: Die!

Man 9: Still not fit, though!

Man 10: Keep your head down!

Man 1: Damn! That bitch was huge.

Man 11: Die!

Man 12: There!

Man 13: Kill him!

[foreign language]

Man 14: Bastard!

Man 15: Cut him off!

Man 1: Let's see what we got.

Man 16: Cut him off!

Man 17: You're fucking dead!

Man 1: God damn! That bitch was huge . . . Something's up.

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