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Sniper Elite V2 Walkthrough Part 2 - Schönenberg Convoy

Check out part 2 and snipe German scientists in this walkthrough of Rebellion's new sniping game, Sniper Elite V2.


Sniper: Intel told me my next target was Dr. Gunther Kreidl, an expert in rocket engines. He was traveling across town in an armored convoy. We believed he was carrying documents that would lead me to the V2 production facility, where the other three scientists were waiting. I'd identified a point on the route where I could lay a booby trap, and stop the convoy. Naturally, the area was defended. I'd expect nothing less.

German soldier: When will the convoy be here?

German soldier two: I don't know, but Dr. Kreidl will be with them.

German solder three: Take cover!

German soldier four: He's here somewhere! Keep looking.

German soldier three: Kill the sniper! Fire!

German soldier four: Contract.

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